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Application Configuration

Adam will be adding options here soon.

Why am I here?

developphp.com video material has migrated here. The text-based guides are being brought back soon as well.

The reason for the migration is due to the fact that a domain name such as "developPHP" would mislead many new developers into thinking there is nothing but PHP as the focus. Or they may possibly not trust the material covering other technologies from a source with that domain name.

PHP although still much more widely used than other server-side technologies in 2023, is currently recieving a bashing by the powers that be and all people they can influence, powers that use PHP in many ways in their own projects while bashing PHP.

The material being here makes more sense so that I can continue unencumbered by the potentially perceived limitations set in that domain name. It always was and is Adam Khoury material, so I think this domain is the best place for it. I still teach PHP among other things.

Sorry about any confusion or inconvenience this migration may have caused you.

~ Adam K.