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Welcome to my domain. In my work I focus on front-end development, back-end programming and complete web software engineering. In my spare time I produce top-notch online educational material that I offer to the public for free. I've been doing this kind of work since 2008 and I find it to be very enjoyable.

Recently I've begun authoring eBooks which is a good way to go extremely in depth on specific topics. They will be available on this site for purchase soon.

Adam Khoury

My Personal Projects I organize my educational videos on this domain and author code reference docs. This is a developer Qustion/Answer system that will get more features soon. Front-end code editor and renderer. Made for sharing, editing and rendering code.

Services & Consultation

I can be hired as an independent contractor to perform web development and design services. I can also be hired to privately consult with individuals looking for 1-on-1 help, advice and guidance.

Video Advertising Options

Would you like your entity or product advertised to over 100,000 people that are web development and web technology oriented? If so, click the button below to discover the process of advertising with me.