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Videos Produced by Adam Khoury


JavaScript ( JS ) 154 videos

JavaScript is a programming language that is most well-known as the scripting language for the web, but it's also used to develop software in many non-browser environments. JavaScript is based off of(extends) ECMAScript like some other technologies that you may have come across such as ActionScript.


Hypertext Preprocessor ( PHP ) 116 videos

PHP is a popular widely-used open source general-purpose programming/scripting language that is especially suited for server-side web development projects. PHP can be directly embedded into HTML, communicate with databases and interact with your server in ways that other technologies are not meant to.


Cascading Style Sheets ( CSS ) 48 videos

CSS is primarily a styling, positioning and design technology that is used to target elements in HTML markup and other technologies. However, it allows a developer to do way more than just color, shape and position things. Complex animations can be programmed, it has keen environmental awareness, and so much more.


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) 16 videos

HTML is a Markup Language for creating Web pages by providing a wide array of elements that render structure, content and multimedia. It is married to CSS and JavaScript so all three are commonly used together in projects.


Graphic Design 68 videos

In this category a developer can learn essential graphic design techniques. See the workflow happen and follow along in software titles such as Fireworks, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Mudbox and Swift3D.


Structured Query Language (SQL) 2 videos

Structured Query Language(SQL) is used to interact with relational databases. SQL syntax is used to select, insert, delete, update, etc... data in a database. It also comes packed with functions and clauses that provide exceptions, distinctions and evaluations to expand its usefulness to developers.


Video Web Log (Vlog) 14 videos

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Social Studies and History 10 videos

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ActionScript 3.0 ( AS3 ) 154 videos

ActionScript is the programming language for the Flash authoring tool and AIR run-time environments. It enables interactivity, data handling, and much more in Flash, Flex, and AIR content and applications. Like JavaScript it is based off of(extends) ECMAScript.