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Percent Math Calculations Programming Tutorial

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Adam Khoury
Learn how to calculate percentage values for things like sale pricing, mathematical positioning or sizing, and much more using JavaScript. Find out how much of a percentage one number is of another number var v1 = 160; var v2 = 40; var diffPercent = ((v2 / v1) * 100).toFixed(2); document.write(v2+" is "+diffPercent+"% of "+v1); Calculating sale prices and savings var price = 150; var sale = 25; var savings = (price * sale) / 100; var saleprice = price - savings; document.write("Original Price: $"+price.toFixed(2)+"<br>"); document.write("Sale: "+sale+"%<br>"); document.write("Sale Price: $"+saleprice.toFixed(2)+"<br>"); document.write("Savings: $"+savings.toFixed(2)+"<br>"); Positioning elements by percent according to dynamic values <style> div#bar1{ width:500px; height:40px; background:#EEE; } div#bar1 > div{ position:relative; width:3px; height:40px; background:#000; } </style> <div id="bar1"> <div></div> </div> <script> var bar1 = document.getElementById("bar1"); var percent = 50; var newleft = Math.round((bar1.offsetWidth * percent) / 100); bar1.children[0].style.left = newleft+"px"; </script> Calculate the difference as a percentage between two values var v1 = 160; var v2 = 40; var diffPercent = (((v1 - v2) / v1) * 100).toFixed(2); document.write(v2+" is "+diffPercent+"% smaller than "+v1);