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Send SMS Text Messages to Mobile Phone PHP Tutorial

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Adam Khoury

Learn how to use PHP to send SMS text messages to mobile phones programmatically and automatically. You can use this to send text messages to your website members, clients or customers from a web based platform.

<?php /* watch the video for detailed instructions */ $to = "5555555555@vtext.com"; $from = "xxxx@yourdomain.com"; $message = "This is a text message\nNew line..."; $headers = "From: $from\n"; mail($to, '', $message, $headers); ?> Popular US SMS GATEWAY DOMAINS

Verizon Wireless - vtext.com Virgin Mobile - vmobl.com Alltel - sms.alltelwireless.com ATT - txt.att.net Boost Mobile - sms.myboostmobile.com Republic Wireless - text.republicwireless.com Sprint - messaging.sprintpcs.com T-Mobile - tmomail.net U.S. Cellular - email.uscc.net