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CSS Animations Level 2 First Draft

Published :
Author :
Adam Khoury

CSS Animations Level 2 First Draft. Learn about the two new properties, JavaScript interfacing involved with the animation family of properties, and much more.

Changes since CSS Animations Level 1

  • The interaction between CSS Animations and Web Animations is defined, and the concepts of the owning element and animation composite order are introduced.
  • Generation of keyframe objects is described in detail.
  • The animation-composition property is introduced, which defines the composite operation used when multiple animations affect the same property simultaneously.
  • The animation-timeline property is introduced, which defines the timeline used with the animation.
  • The animation shorthand property is updated to account for these new properties.
  • Dispatch of animation events is described.
  • The CSSAnimation interface is added.
  • Requirements on pending style changes are described.